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I'm an Idiot   
01:54pm 13/12/2005
  So I have this new cell phone, right. During the process of ordering the X-files ringtone (which I didn't end up getting), I discovered that I'm too stupid to operate a cell phone. Yes, that's right. I can't operate a cell phone. I could pass the MENSA exam, but I can't properly TEXT MESSAGE on a cell phone.


Going to talk to the father tonight to find out if I can get my ring by resending the message (since I paid and all already).


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Note to Self   
11:22am 13/12/2005
  When I go to Ireland, let the credit card company know. Wells Fargo Fraud Protection is really on the ball. I ordered a ringtone online (and apparently the company is based in France--hope the whole thing doesn't end up being *too* expensive . . .) and within minutes, Wells Fargo was calling me to find out if the purchase was approved by me or someone else in my household.



Seven Songs tagged by witness_light    
10:19am 13/12/2005
  Lyrics from 7 songs I've listened to recently:

1. "everything looks perfect from far away"

2. "and i don't want the world to see me because i don't think that they'd understand/when everything feels like the movies/you bleed just to know you're alive"

3. "fortune favors the brave"

4. "i'm leaving on a jet plane/i don't know when i'll be back again"

5. "hate is turned to others, for their religion or their skin/but hate can't solve the problem it began/everyone is angry, people are afraid/and no one knows what decisions will be made/we don't know why the innocent die/will this world ever find a way to change"

6. "i'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

7. "too strong to tell you i was sorry/too proud to tell you i was wrong/i know that i was blind, oooh/if i could turn back time"

i'm going to tag tigerthedyke , jules71182 , tornatore91 , and schrock


My Life is Bad For Me   
05:29pm 11/12/2005
  I have my ecology lab exam tomorrow and then the class final on the 17th (thank goodness the class is almost over), but am I able to focus on studying? No. Why? I'M LEAVING FOR IRELAND IN 17 DAYS!!!


Back to trying to study. Only good thing is the lab exam is short answer and 16 identifications so it's not one of Tim Allen's cracked out multiple choice exams (paragraph long questions with 7 choices--some of which are true statements, but not the answer he's looking for)


Random Musing   
12:39am 10/12/2005
  So I was flipping through some old Bio notes from last spring and I happened to be looking at the stuff relating to embryology/cloning/redproduction/etc and came to a sudden, dawning conclusion: a fetus (of any organism, except those in eggs) is a parasite! I mean, think about it. It's wholly dependent on another organism for survival and at least at that stage of development, doesn't really give any biological benefits back to the host (that i could find) so it's not a mutualistic behavior.

Despite how crass some might find that analogy, I definitely laughed. But then again I tend to be crass, blunt, and completely lacking a filter between my head and my mouth so things like this come out.

Now off to bed because I work tomorrow morning.

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12:25am 10/12/2005
  I finally saw the movie "Rent". I've been dying to see it since it came out and Katie Q and I decided to go tonight. Woohoo!

It was good. I feel the stage show was better, but the movie was well done. The biggest factor contributing to this is the fact that the original Broadway cast starred in the movie, with the exception of Rosario Dawson (who wasn't on Broadway). But that doesn't matter because she was a better Mimi than the first anyway.

Oh yeah. The phone company raised the charge for long-distance, thus making it not really worth the money to have a landline. So I caved in and got a cell phone. I'm with Cingular and I don't know my phone number yet. I won't know it until I get back to Green Bay because it's being shipped there. But you want to know what kind of phone I picked out? The Motorola Razr V3. Woohoo!!! It's all small and stuff! And I'm going to have the most fabulous ringtones ever. I just spent like 20 minutes listening to a bunch. Definitely going to have "Canned Heat" as one of them. Hahaha.

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03:15am 09/12/2005
  Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was good. Pretty true to the book which pleased me. I need to say that the all the press articles that refer to it as the first book in the Narnia series piss me off because they are wrong. LW&W is the SECOND book in the series. He may have written it first, but in the Narnia series it is second. The first book is The Magician's Nephew, NOT LW&W.



Ecology Phenology Paper   
11:47am 05/12/2005
  I hate ecology, in case I haven't said it yet. Anyway. I'm halfway done with my paper that is due at 1:20 pm. Woohoo. Max of 4 pages, including figure and I'm about to finish the 2nd and start the 3rd page. I'm aiming for it to be 3 pages total. That way there isn't any unnecessary wordiness, but at the same time, I can get my point across.

Bah. Unfortunately, I didn't get the readings done for discussion/lab today so I'll probably biff the quiz. But if I finish this paper soon, I'll have about 30 minutes to do the reading. That wouldn't be too bad.


Hump Day   
01:04am 30/11/2005
  This afternoon, I'm leaving for South Dakota to go to my grandfather's funeral. Everyone is going to be there and my family is seriously taking over the Holiday Inn in Spearfish.

I swear I'll give a proper update later, but for the moment I'm tired.

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Stupid Ecology   
05:48pm 28/11/2005
  I actually studied for the 2nd midterm. Guess what? I got the SAME score as last time. Ok, one point higher, but I'm pretty sure it's the same letter grade (a BC or B--oh, how I hope it's a B and not a BC). Anyway, the point of this post is that studying doesn't help me even remotely in that class AND I'm going to get a terrible grade. AND I didn't even want to take it, but I couldn't drop it because then I wouldn't be a full time student and I couldn't find any other class to fit in my shedule. Grrrrr.

Goodbye med school.

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Another Thing   
02:03am 28/11/2005
  I also need to mention that disc 4 of season 7 of the x-files went kaput. It still works, but it looks like a layer melted off teh top because there is a big black mark on the top of the disc and now the 2nd and 3rd episodes don't work. This is obnoxious because I've watched this whole disc before and we just watched the first epidose last week before break and it was fine. I need to have my dad look at it and see if it can be saved. Otherwise I'm stuck renting that disc and making Eric rip me a copy of it. Because I refuse to buy another entire season for one fucking disc. And we decided to move to disc 5 for now and guess what? It worked fine, so it has to be the disc and not the DVD player!!!


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01:43am 28/11/2005
  It's done! Well, I need to elaborate on question 4, but essentially it's done. And I could finish that question right now, but I'm not going to because I will still need to get up early in the morning and work on my stupid ecology presentation and I KNOW I'll be more likely to get up at 6 a.m. like I want to if I have an essay question to finishe as well. Even though the essay question is going to take 10 minutes tops. Woohoo!!!

I can't wait to cross this off my away message "list of stuff to do".


12:30am 28/11/2005
  I have one hell of a Thanksgiving update to make, but it will have to wait because I'm working on my extinction of species paper. I even have all my info together and it's only 12:30. Hopefully the writing of it doesn't actually take all that long. Then I can sleep for a bit before I get up and throw together a craptacular ecology presentation.

And then have 2 hours of my 4 hour lab spent outside at picnic point. Did I mention it's cold and windy?? And I have to carry books and 2 packages of cookies on my back for 2 hours? Grrrr.


Money Crisis   
12:33am 22/11/2005
  So I just realized that between the deli being closed over Thanksgiving and missing 4 days of work the week after Thanksgiving for a funeral, I'm going to be sort of short on cash for Ireland. Yes mom still owes me money from her part of Nov. and Dec. rent and she's giving me money for my birthday, but when I get back I'll have Feb. rent, tuition, and books. I guess I might have to hold off on books for a bit. Hmmm. Seriously, between those two weeks I'm missing like 43 hours of work, which translates to roughly $350. Grrrr. It already sucks that the plasma place wouldn't let me sell. That was another $300 right there.

Hopefully I score some cash from dad and grandma/grandpa over Thanksgiving. I'm definitely going to be playing up the poor college student card. Grrrrr.


Wisconsin Union Daily Scoop   
04:59pm 20/11/2005
  I'm sick of work, I hate Rose, and I want to go home.  

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09:53pm 19/11/2005


10:14pm 17/11/2005
  So apparently I'm actually smart. Hmmm.  

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Spring Schedule   
05:04pm 16/11/2005
  I just registered for classes. I signed up for more than I'm actually going to take because I don't know if I'll get into the anatomy lab or not. If I can't, then I'm not taking Anatomy because I don't see the point of taking anatomy if you can't handle the bodies.

I really wish the Center for Southeast Asian Studies would put up a list of courses they are offering because then I'd know if I was missing anything interesting or not. I'm taking Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asia, but I don't want to miss any cool seminars. Last spring (and I think this fall) there was one happening and it was about the CIA's involvement in heroin trafficking. It was probably super interesting. Grrrr.

Gotta head back to work now because my break is almost over. Yay for working 12-close


How come it worked for Freya   
11:41am 16/11/2005
  Your search - "Justene needs" - did not match any documents.


- Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
- Try different keywords.
- Try more general keywords.


07:25am 14/11/2005
  I'm almost done with the first essay, which is awesome because I got up at 6 and definitely took a 15-20 mintute nap around 6:45. Woohoo.